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We take reservations for parties of 6 or more. We do fit 5’s when we can so please call us. If your party drops in size you may not be treated as a reservation anymore.
💘Valentine’s day is the special day of the year when we do accept reservations for parties of 2!

Please call the restaurant to book your reservations at 515-278-8148.

We always strive to get you in as quickly as possible! If there is a slight wait, we have seating available at the bar and in the front lobby.

To-Go Orders

We are currently taking both dine in and curbside orders during COVID-19. We can not take any advanced orders so please call the restaurant roughly 25-30 minutes before your arrival and we will place the order then!

To-Go orders are available at kitchen’s discretion.
During peak times there are moments when the kitchen can not handle any more orders. Please give us a try again if we are unable to accept your To-Go order at any given time.


Please contact the owner, Peter Renzo, for all catering inquiries.
Check out our online Catering Menu.