Lunch Menu


Lunch Menu

OUR DIANA SAUCE Cosi’s house Red Sauce. It’s a tangy and savory tomato sauce created with a complex blend of Italian seasonings and spices. Graziano’s Italian Sausage is slow-cooked in this sauce for several hours for additional flavor, with the sausage removed once finished. The Diana is named after Diane Renzo, as this sauce was her go-to on Sundays while cooking for her family. Enjoy!

All of our Salads feature Fresh Ingredients & House Made Dressings. Add Sliced, Chilled Grilled or Smoked Chicken 2 / Add a 4oz or 8oz Wood Oven Roasted Salmon Filet 7/14

All sandwiches are served with a side of house made Pasta Salad


Lunch Pastas



All of our 11” oval pizzas are made to order with house made dough & grande mozzarella cheese and then cooked to a crisp texture & smoky flavor in Des Moines’ original wood-burning brick oven.

*Our 700° oven may put a little char on the crust (this is normal).*

Wood Fired Pizza Pie created by you! *Homemade dough, grande mozzarella & 1 protien and/or 1 veg or cheese.* $10

Cosi Customer Pricing Notice: A 3% CCC Fee is applied to all menu items.
Cash Discount: As an incentive for customers we now offer a 3% immediate discount on the CCC Fee when you pay with cash. All menu prices advertised and printed reflect the cash only prices.