Toasted Ravioli  $7.95
Smoked Mozzarella Ravioli’s, fried and served with spicy Tomato Alfredo sauce.

Calamari  $8.95
Strips of baby Squid, lightly Breaded and Fried served with a Lemon Garlic Aioli or grilled and served with Marinara sauce

Scallops  $14.95
Seared Sea Scallops sautéed in a Citrus pan sauce served with julienned Roma tomatoes, Orange segments and Leeks

Mango shrimp  $13.95
Grilled Shrimp wrapped in Prosciutto served with house made Mango Salsa

Cheese Sticks  $6.95
Fried Mozzarella cheese served with house made Marinara sauce

Bruschetta  $7.95
Crostinis topped with a mixture of marinated Roma tomatoes, melted Gorgonzola cheese, and garlic, drizzled with a sweet balsalmic glaze, garnished with green olives

Roasted Garlic  $8.95
Oven roasted Garlic Bulb, Chevre cheese, and Roasted bell peppers served with crostinis

Grilled Portabella  $8.95
Portabella Mushroom caps basted with Garlic olive oil and spices then grilled to a smoked flavor

Caprese  $8.95
Slices of our fresh house made Mozzarella layered with slices of fresh cut roma tomatoes served with mixed greens and balsamic vinegar and drizzled with basil infused olive oil



Minestrone  Cup $3.95/Bowl $4.95
Cream based Tuscan white bean soup with fresh garden vegetables and pasta

Lobster Bisque Cup $5.95/Bowl $6.95
Rich and creamy lobster stock with diced roma tomatoes and shrimp

Soup of The Day Market Price
House made soups from our very own kitchen.



All of our salads feature fresh ingredients, mixed greens, and house made vinaigrettes. Add slices of chilled grilled chicken for $2.00 or a 4oz wood oven roasted salmon filet for $7.00 to any salad of your choice.

Caesar Salad side $4.95/entrée $7.95
Fresh cut romaine lettuce tossed with creamy house made caesar dressing and topped with house-baked croutons, anchovies optional.

House Salad side $4.95/entrée $7.95
Mixed greens, diced roma tomatoes and bermuda onions and a green olive tossed with balsamic vinaigrette

Pine Nut Salad side $6.95/entrée $10.95
Toasted pine nuts, diced roma tomatoes, chevre cheese and mixed greens tossed with raspberry vinaigrette

Mozzarella Salad side $6.95/entrée $10.95
Fresh house made mozzarella cheese, diced roma tomatoes, bermuda onions, and mixed greens tossed with champagne vinaigrette

Gorgonzola Salad side $6.95/entrée $10.95
Gorgonzola cheese, toasted walnuts, diced roma tomatoes and mixed greens tossed with sweet walnut vinaigrette garnished with fresh granny smith apple slices.

Candied Almond Salad side $6.95/entrée $10.95
Candied almonds, sun-dried apricots, feta cheese over spinach tossed with blackberry vinaigrette



Ziti Cucina  $10.95
Spicy Graziano’s Italian Sausage and sun-dried tomatoes in a zesty tomato cream sauce tossed with penne pasta. Our signature dish!

Potato Ravioli  $13.95
Cheese-stuffed ravioli with pan-seared beef tips, red onions, fried potatoes and apple-smoked bacon in a rich smoky cream sauce

Smoked Chicken Pasta  $10.95
Smoked Chicken breast, diced Roma tomatoes, wild mushrooms and basil tossed in a light cream sauce over penne pasta

Gorgonzola Pasta  $10.95
Grilled Chicken, wild mushrooms, shallots, and caramelized onions tossed in a creamy Gorgonzola sauce over farfalle pasta

Lobster Pasta  $20.95
Tender Lobster and diced Roma tomatoes tossed in a rich brandy cream sauce over farfalle pasta

Shrimp Scampi Pasta  $18.95
Shrimp, baby spinach, bell peppers, broccoli and sun-dried tomatoes tossed in garlic scampi sauce over farfalle pasta

Spicy Seafood Pasta  $20.95
Shrimp, sea scallops and sliced calamari tossed with a spicy house made marinara sauce over linguini pasta

Classic Italy  $10.95
Slices of Graziano’s Italian Sausage links tossed with roasted bell peppers, red onions, and wild mushrooms in our house made marinara sauce over fettuccine pasta

Fettuccine Alfredo $9.95
House made alfredo sauce tossed with fettuccine pasta. Add chicken for 2.00/shrimp for 5.00

Mushroom Pasta $10.95
Wild mushrooms, diced roma tomatoes, and shallots tossed with a sherry wine cream sauce over farfalle pasta. Add chicken for 2.00/shrimp for 5.00

Pesto Pasta  $10.95
House made pesto cream sauce tossed with fettuccine pasta, then drizzled with a red wine demi-glaze and garnished with diced roma tomatoes. Add chicken for 2.00/shrimp for 5.00

Vegetable Festiva Pasta  $11.95
Butternut squash, diced roma tomatoes, bermuda onions, baby spinach, and broccoli in a cracked coriander sherry broth over fettuccine pasta, topped with toasted pine nuts. Add chicken for 2.00/shrimp for 5.00

Fresh Tomato Linguini  $8.95
Fresh diced roma tomatoes, garlic and basil, tossed lightly in olive oil over linguini pasta. Add chicken for 2.00/shrimp for 5.00

Rigatoni $10.95
Baked pasta with ricotta, mozzarella, provolone and parmesan cheeses with house made alfredo and marinara sauce. Add sausage or smoked chicken for 3.00

Lasagna $10.95
Graziano’s italian sausage, ricotta cheese, and house made marinara sauce topped with melted mozzarella and provolone cheese

Mushroom Lasagna $10.95
Tiers of wild mushrooms, spinach, and pasta, with a rich chardonnay cream sauce topped with melted mozzarella and provolone cheese



All sandwiches are served with a side of our house made pasta salad.

Open Faced Portabella  $9.95
Grilled portabella mushroom cap topped with melted gorgonzala cheese, caramelized onions, roma tomatoes, served open faced on house made foccacia bread, topped with lemon garlic aioli and spinach

Chicken Bacon Caesar Wrap  $8.95
Slices of grilled chicken and apple smoked bacon, with parmesan, fresh cut romaine lettuce and caesar dressing in a house made wrap.

Chicken Parmesan  $9.95
Breaded chicken breast, fried and covered with a spicy alfredo and marinara sauce, topped with mozzarella and provolone cheese, served on toasted ciabatta bread

Roast Beef and Cheddar Melt  $9.95
Sliced roast beef and cheddar cheese, mixed greens, roma tomatoes, and a horseradish aioli, served on toasted ciabatta bread.

Ham and Swiss Melt  $9.95
Hickory smoked ham and aged swiss cheese topped with mixed greens, roma tomatoes, and honey mustard aioli served on toasted ciabatta

Bacon Lettuce and Tomato  $8.95
Apple smoked bacon topped with mixed greens, roma tomatoes, and served with house made aioli on toasted ciabatta.

Half Sandwich and Soup or Salad  $9.95
Choice of Roast Beef and Cheddar, Ham and Swiss, or BLT, paired with cup of Minestrone or Soup of the Day or side House or Caesar salad.
Pair with Lobster Bisque or Speciality salad for $2.00 extra.



All of our pizzas are made to order with our house made dough and cooked to a crisp smoke flavor from our wood burning oven.

Sausage and Pepperoni  $10.95
Graziano’s italian sausage, pepperoni, roasted bell peppers, mozzarella and provolone cheese with house made marinara sauce

Smoked Chicken  $11.95
Smoked chicken, caramelized onions, sliced roma tomatoes, mozzarella and provolone cheese, lightly topped with gorgonzola on an olive oil herbed crust

Vegetable  $10.95
Roasted garlic, wild mushrooms, sliced roma tomatoes, roasted bell peppers, grilled onions, with fresh basil on an olive oil herbed crust. Add mozzarella & provolone for 1.00

Margherita  $9.95
Sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella and provolone cheese with fresh basil and an olive oil herbed crust

Create Your Own Pizza  $9.95

Starting with olive oil herbed crust, house made marinara sauce, mozzarella & provolone cheese and one topping. Additional toppings 1.00 each


Graziano’s Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Grilled Chicken, Smoked Chicken, Shrimp ($4.00 extra), Smoked Bacon, Roasted Garlic, Grilled onions, Caramelized Onions, Diced Roma Tomatoes, Sliced Roma Tomatoes, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Roasted Bell Peppers, Black Olives, Green Olives, Wild Mushrooms, Spinach, Gorgonzola Cheese, Chevre Cheese



Cheesecake $7.00
Famous award-winning cheesecake, tremendously creamy, made with vanilla bean infused sugar and served with house made carmel, chocolate, raspberry, and crème anglaise sauces and seasonal fruits

Marble Chocolate Brownie $6.00
Rich warm house made chocolate brownie served with sweet coffee ice cream and assorted fruits

White Chocolate Brownie $6.00
Swiss white chocolate, raspberries, and walnuts baked into a warm brownie served with vanilla bean ice cream and assorted fruits

Crème Brulee  $6.00
Rich French custard made with pure vanilla bean with a layer of caramelized sugar, served with assorted fruits

Tiramisu  $6.00
Delectable charlotte cake, made with Peru blend coffee and whipped mascarpone, served with espresso syrup and assorted fruits

Hot Apple Cake   $6.00
Cinnamon and apples baked into a hot cake served with a warm butter pecan sauce, cinnamon ice cream and assorted fruits

Ice Cream  $4.00
Two scoops of assorted flavors served in a cookie tuille cone. Your choice of vanilla bean, coffee, peanut butter fudge, and cinnamon